Emmanuel Vision

To help rewrite the story of Craigavon, Ireland and the nations with the good news of the Kingdom of God. 

Through our vision we seek to create a compelling picture of a preferred future; a dream we are living for, and to which we aspire. This is something that we will spend our whole lives longing to see and give our lives for whether we see it in our lifetime or not.

Emmanuel Core Values

Loving God, Loving People, Loving the World

Our values are the core themes that define the DNA of family culture and the underlying beliefs that shape who we are and drive our behaviours. In the early days of our church community, we developed a culture around this simple little phrase – ‘loving God, loving people.’ We found ourselves becoming sold out for a passionate pursuit of the presence of God and an extravagant love for the hurting and broken in our community.

As we have journeyed together and matured in our calling as a church community, we have caught more and more of God’s heart for the nations. His presence that feeds us inwardly also propels us outwardly. Our eyes are constantly turned outward into the world, as we know the heart of the Father more deeply. 

Emmanuel Key Practices

These are the holy habits we commit ourselves to as a family which describe the particular ways we live out our Core Values. The six key practices below are ‘disciplines’ we continually orbit around as a family.

Prioritising Presence
Committed to see the principle of ‘encounter’ at the centre of everything we do; God in the midst; Heaven touching earth.

Mobilising Mission
Constant focus on ‘lost being found’; missional initiatives started; serving the poor; pursuing justice; sending people to the ends of the earth.

Training Leaders
Raising men and women up to serve and support the apostolic vision. Ephesians 4.11-12

Investing in Youth
Naming and nurturing the potential in young people and recognising our responsibility towards them.

Growing as a Family
Ensuring the vision is primarily relational where people are provided with strong sense of belonging and growing in the grace of the Lord Jesus.

Striving for Kingdom Unity
Focus not on building a brand, a stream or a denomination but the Kingdom of God through the Bride of Christ.