At Links Counselling Service, we provide a safe space for all members of our diverse community ensuring that no one journeys alone through difficult times. It is our mission to see individuals and families flourish, reaching their full potential and contributing to society.

‘Prevention is better than cure’… We have a vision  to rewrite the statistics of mental health within our communities by providing early intervention and promoting healthy community relations. 

What We Do 

1-to-1 counselling for adults, children and couples using a variety of therapeutic approaches  

Training professionals, community representatives and churches to understand mental health and how  to help others in distress  

Facilitate workshops and programmes, including parenting programmes, resilience building, self-esteem courses and resourcing anxiety  

Coaching – we coach businesses and individuals to attain strategic goals, equipping individuals with the resources to enhance personal performance, increase vision and motivation and implement good strategic planning  

Collaborate – we work in partnership with a variety of community stakeholders and provide services within GP surgeries, primary schools and specialised community organisations

It is our heart that counselling would be accessible to everyone, therefore we make counselling affordable based on each individual’s financial situation.  



If you would like to make a contribution towards  the counselling service you receive, a typical scale  of contribution would be as follows;  

In full time employment - £25 per session
In part-time employment - £15 per session
Unemployed and receiving benefits - £10 per session
Couples counselling - £30 per session  

Each prospective client will be offered an initial assessment free of charge. If you would like to make a donation to Links Counselling Service you can do so through our website or Just Giving charity page or via cheque.

If you would like any further information about  the services we offer, check out our website at or if would like to make a referral, contact us on 028 3834 2825 / 07702208559 or