Episode 2

Philip Emerson

This morning Phil continues on with the Series “Unveiled Faces”. God, the origin of Holiness. When it comes to the Christian faith, a religious system centered on surrendering your life to a God whom you cannot see, touch or hear, imagination becomes an important thing. To enable us to imagine, God has given us a dual sight system. We not only see physical things with our physical eyes, but we have another set of eyes: the eyes of the heart. God has given us this set of eyes, so we can "see" the unseen world of spiritual reality.

Episode 3

Philip Emerson.

Is it possible that many believers live their Christian lives missing the main point of why they have been redeemed?  They forget the fuel that makes it all work, and then they wonder why they crash and burn.

The question is: How do we live the Christian life without crashing? How do we maintain a dynamic spiritual vitality without burning out? In other words, how do we get the fuel to soar spiritually? 

In this message we look at five questions that Paul asks the churches in Galatia, to challenge them to keep going and not slip back to old mindsets and systems.

Episode 5

Philip Emerson

This Morning Phil continues on with the Series Unveiled Faces

Covenant. There are many rivers of truth in the scriptures but there are none deeper than this one. One which all others flow out of. Moses saw a river in the garden breaking into four and blessing the whole earth. John saw a river in Revelation 21, the completion of the Everlasting Covenant. The word covenant has lost its meaning. It meant promise, commitment, involvement, faithfulness and loyalty even to death. This morning we look at, A COVENANT MAKING GOD; A COVENANT KEEPING GOD; A COVENANT REVEALING GOD; A COVENANT ENABLING GOD.

Episode 7

Philip Emerson

Philip continues on the theme of Unveiled Faces. There is no doubt there is a fresh level of encounter of His presence, a breakthrough beyond our limits and restrictions we have placed on God in the past. Many of these limits we place on God we do without even knowing. God wants to break these in our lives and bring us into a new place of encounter that will reveal something new of His character and glory to us that will shift things around us. I believe we are seeing the first fruits of this. Today we see eight lessons in the life of Moses that will help us on this journey. 

Episode 8

Phil Emerson

This morning Phil continues on with the series “Unveiled Faces”, where he looks at the HUGE question from God to Moses and through this story to us as well. What is THAT in your hand? We know it was just a six-foot staff but it represented Moses’ identity and personality. his Influence and his problem, and finally his income and potential. What are you leaning on apart from God?