Episode 1

Tara McIlwaine.  

Tonight Tara continues on with the series “Servant King”.  Mark 1:21-2:12.  In Mark’s Gospel we read about Jesus healing many people despite facing resistance from Teachers of the Law. Jesus had a sovereign authority to heal, simply because he was the Son of God. How can we submit our lives to live under this authority and encounter Jesus?

Episode 2

Philip Emerson.

Today we begin a series called the SERVANT KING on Mark’s gospel account. Mark is one of the Synoptic Gospels, it is the shortest of the four Gospels and likely the first, or earliest to be written. It illustrates who Jesus is as a person with vivid detail of His teaching being presented more through what He did than what He said. The Gospel of Mark reveals Jesus the Servant. Mark was an attendant and observer of the apostle Peter and this, combined with what he had learned in his mother’s house (Acts 12:12) and from other leaders in the church, helped him to pen this gospel.

Episode 13

Philip Emerson.  

When you read Isaiah 53 about the sufferings of Jesus, all of it has to do with PAIN — that four-letter word from which we try our best to escape. But Jesus did not choose that route. He endured the pain, He bore it, and He embraced it. If there is anyone who can meet you in your pain, you have found Him in the prophet Isaiah’s Man of Sorrows.

Episode 14

Philip Emerson

Mark 14:1-9 Unpacking one of the most profound pictures in all the Bible. So much so, Jesus prophesied that wherever His gospel was proclaimed this story would be told. As we think about the sacrifice she made for the Lord, we need to ask ourselves the question. Have we done what we could for Him? Have we given all there is to give? We will unpack three areas where she did what she could. As we do, search your heart and see if you have.