Unveiled Faces (AM)

Phil Emerson

This morning Phil continues on with the series “Unveiled Faces”, where he looks at the HUGE question from God to Moses and through this story to us as well. What is THAT in your hand? We know it was just a six-foot staff but it represented Moses’ identity and personality. his Influence and his problem, and finally his income and potential. What are you leaning on apart from God?

Frank Damazio (AM)

This morning Frank Talks to us about the favour of God. Frank has been in ministry for over forty years as a college professor, church planter, lead pastor of a large multi-site church, Bible college president and chairman of a fellowship of churches. Frank is a graduate of Portland Bible College, has a Masters of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry from Oral Roberts University, and has authored over 30 books. He is presently devoting his life full time to Frank Damazio Ministries through creating web resources, providing leadership coaching, presenting leadership intensives, writing new books and speaking nationally and internationally.

Unveiled Faces (AM)

Philip Emerson

Philip continues on the theme of Unveiled Faces. There is no doubt there is a fresh level of encounter of His presence, a breakthrough beyond our limits and restrictions we have placed on God in the past. Many of these limits we place on God we do without even knowing. God wants to break these in our lives and bring us into a new place of encounter that will reveal something new of His character and glory to us that will shift things around us. I believe we are seeing the first fruits of this. Today we see eight lessons in the life of Moses that will help us on this journey. 

The Practice (PM)

Alain Emerson

Tonight Alain explores the spiritual practice called The Examen. This is a way to help us recognise that our lives are already infused by the presence of God and often we don’t recognise it. We often have the experience of God but we miss the MEANING. This tool helps to shape our dialogue with God and helps us to develop an open posture to His transforming presence. The five Examen steps are

  1. Re-centre

  2. Review

  3. Rejoice

  4. Repent

  5. Resolve

Alain Emerson / Jarrod Mckenna

Tonight Alain interviews Jarrod McKenna.

Jarrod is a prominent Christian leader and peace award winning non-violent activist, and a sought-after activist trainer in Australia, Eastern Europe, the United States, and the Middle East. In his role as a non-violent activist trainer, he has worked with groups such as Rising Tide, Greenpeace, World Vision International, and at the forefront of the Love Makes A Way movement. As well as being a regular commentator in the media, Jarrod speaks, trains, teaches and preaches over 100 times a year in diverse settings, ranging from academic institutions such as Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary, The University of Western Australia, and Australian Islamic Colleges, to churches like C3 Oxford Falls and City Life, and organisations like The Tony Blair Faith Foundation and The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. Jarrod also facilitates ‘Alternatives to Violence Project’ workshops in maximum security prisons each year.

Unveiled Faces (AM)

Philip Emerson

This Morning Phil continues on with the Series Unveiled Faces

Covenant. There are many rivers of truth in the scriptures but there are none deeper than this one. One which all others flow out of. Moses saw a river in the garden breaking into four and blessing the whole earth. John saw a river in Revelation 21, the completion of the Everlasting Covenant. The word covenant has lost its meaning. It meant promise, commitment, involvement, faithfulness and loyalty even to death. This morning we look at, A COVENANT MAKING GOD; A COVENANT KEEPING GOD; A COVENANT REVEALING GOD; A COVENANT ENABLING GOD.


The Practice (PM)

Chris Leech

Tonight Chris continues on in ‘The Practice’.

What is your Jerusalem? Do you have a cause worth dying for? A dream worth fighting for? Chris looks at the story of Nehemiah and his call from a position of comfort, stepping into a place of faith and risk to see his city restored. When God places a burden on our hearts to see the Kingdom come, He will also give us the vision, skill and resources to see our heaven-sent dreams come to life.

The Practice (PM)

Dave Wylie.

Tonight, Dave continues our PM series by looking at the practice of Lecto Divina (meditative reading). While we recognise and encourage the need to study and explore the big picture of scripture, we tonight introduce the practice of Lecto Divina, leaving space for the Spirit to speak as we daily engage with scripture, so that we can experience the life and application for our lives through the Bible.