Episode 25

Philip Emerson.

As we continue in John’s gospel today we look at three things. 1. We are Chosen. 2. We have a responsibility to follow Jesus and 3. We need to use what we have. 

Jesus didn’t call us to keep this to ourselves, He called us so that we could pass it on. That is what legacy is all about. He was calling these men to follow Him so that He could give them responsibility to change the world like no one else ever had.

These men would give their all, their very lives to make this kingdom message known to the uttermost parts of the earth. We don’t need more people working in church, we need more people working in engineering, working in the bank, serving coffee at Costa, teaching kids at school for the glory of God. 

What’s in your hand? What skills do you have? You like numbers and accounting? … take it and use it. You like organising? … use it.