Episode 24

Philip Emerson.

As we introduce John’s gospel today, we see a gospel that stands alone to teach us much about unity and love. Matthew, Mark and Luke are known as the synoptic gospels (similar). John is a stand-alone personal account of a relationship with Jesus. In John 1 we see the unity of the church. A man sent from God whose name was John. What clarity!!! In John 17 we see the cry of Jesus for us all to be one, just like He and the Father are one. The enemy’s greatest tactic is to divide the church. He will divide us in politics, in religion, in race, in gender, in economic class. He knows if the people of God come together they can become a formidable foe that can change the world. Our oneness points us to the ONE and it sends a message to the world to the lost and broken that there is a God who loves them. “By this shall all men know”!!!!