Episode 10

Philip Emerson.

This morning Phil teaches on the importance of Prayer walking and challenges us to Prayer Walk our streets this week.

A helpful guide for prayer walking:

W – WORSHIP : as you set off walking begin getting your eyes on Jesus: say the name of Jesus; recite a Psalm; hum a worship song; speak quietly in tongues; anything that basically helps declare the Lordship of Jesus over the streets you walk on.

A - ASK: flowing from your worship begin petitioning God for His Spirit to fall on the streets you walk on, the homes, businesses, schools and other churches you walk past. Begin to get specific and pray for people and situations.

L - LISTEN: as you worship and pray, leave space to listen to what God might want to say to you and then pray that back to Him.

K - KNOW your land: get (and keep) yourself informed around the area you are prayer-walking; research some of it’s history, some of it’s ongoing problems so you can pray for breakthrough.