Episode 13

David Legge.

Matthew 7:7-11. Often we feel we don’t get answers to prayer. We need to learn that our incentive in praying must be relational rather than merely functional. Effective prayer is built upon the Father heart of God and our Sonship relationship to Him. Also effective prayer is built on the goodness of God and that He wants to give us good gifts. We need to change our mindset from a functional view of prayer to a relational one.

Episode 11

Dave Wylie.

Dave continues on from last Sunday night where we explored the teaching of Jesus for his disciples to simplify their lives, to go with less so that others could go with more. We recognized that one of the main barriers to this is the area of anxiety and worry that is produced in many hearts as they think about doing this. We recognized that the 3 teachings of Christ that overcome this are to:

1.  Practice thankfulness

2.  Live a life of faith

Seek first the kingdom and his righteousness

Episode 10

Dave Wylie.

Tonight, Dave continues our series on the sermon on the mount. We look at the command of Jesus to not store up treasures. As we explore the life of a disciple and how Jesus’ desire is for us to live fully alive in the kingdom, the question we asked together is how do we SIMPLIFY our lives so that others can go with more?         

Episode 6

Philip Emerson.

Divorce is such a reality today. To answer their questions about divorce, Jesus takes us back to the beginning. God’s design - one woman, one man, one flesh, for life. Divorce was never an option; it wasn’t even in the picture. While I don’t want anyone feeling condemned or guilty over a failed relationship. I don’t want anyone to go away feeling that marriage vows are anything other than permanent and binding before a holy God. Some will think I’m too liberal, some will think I’m too hard. That’s just the nature of the subject. So, I am going to try to BIBLE this as much as I can. 

Episode 1

Dave Wylie.

Tonight, we began our new series by exploring the first two verses of Matthew 5 in the introduction to the Sermon on the Mount. Dave tonight looked at three main points: 

1.  the difference between crowds and disciples

2.  the call to come away with Jesus in the midst of life’s difficulties 

3.  the need to listen to the word of God for people who are in the midst of struggles, rather than simply sharing human wisdom